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Homeware Trends 2017-2018

Posted by Alison Appleton on


The Homewares industry goes into a frenzy after Christmas with a host of important trade fairs including Home/Top Drawer, Maison et Objet, Spring Fair and Ambiente.

We exhibited at the UK shows and visited the others. At the Spring Fair I enjoyed being invited to discuss changes in the UK high street, speaking just before Mary Portas my view is that customers are after an experience that is informed, illuminating and enhances their experience of a service or product as a result the specialist store is making a come back. We see artisan bakeries, micro breweries, small distillers, coffee roasters, tea specialists and an increasing number of small companies bringing their passion for a product or service to the high street. People want to buy into the experience, the authenticity, the passion enhancing our lives rather than just buying a thing.

This is deeply reflected in the trends all driving towards a quest for authenticity, expertise, individuality, simplicity in choices of materials, structure, function and form. All the trends focus on the bounteous beauty of our awesome world and the human interpretation of it.

These are the three trends I have put together in our studio:


This is my favourite, it is ethereal, delicate, graceful, simple and refined. Colours are sensual, muted and light, natural pastel hues lifted from flora, fauna and the shifting colours of our skies.

Materials for gossamer are glass - clear, coloured and textured, mohair and soft woven wools, white bone china contrasting with natural stone and marble style ceramics, filigree and woven metals, linen, diaphanous and sheer fabrics.

Carefully curated decorating a room with these materials will create the purest most sensual wonderland of contrasting texture and light. An almost space age but completely natural cocoon that is instantly refreshing and peaceful.


A gorgeous trend featuring durable, sturdy products made from original materials such as cast iron, copper, a range of warm coloured woods such as walnut, leather, felt, enamel, stone like ceramics, marble, unglazed clay, woven wool and cotton, cane work and linen.

Colours are atmospheric, strong and subtle including copper, darkest blues, grey, rust and black.

Both Artisan and Gossamer trends share sensuality, contrasting textures, tactile materials, both are strongly routed in the natural as a reference point but if Gossamer is light and airy Artisan is dramatic, dark, moody and grounded.

Artisan takes less effort than Gossamer to do well and so I believe will become one of the strongest trends following our love of all things Scandi.


Quirky doodle style hand drawn illustration and graphics paired with geometric pattern, embroidery, cane and bead work and spray paint. Doodle is an inventive, imaginative and playful take on life mixing the unexpected with clashing and juxtaposed pattern.

Colours are playful and a bit retro too with sharp yellow, almost mauve, soft teal and biscuit tones.

This trend is messy, adventurous, personal, fun, almost like the notebook from a travelling caravan filled with observations on life.