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Covid, fasting, meditation and teapots!

Posted by Alison Appleton on

It is becoming increasingly clear that opinions towards the Corona virus are becoming acutely polarised as the novelty of lock down is wearing thin and the long term damage caused by restrictions on many business causes so much hardship and concern. Which ever side you are on the fears are real and the mistrust and anxiety they are causing is evidently damaging to relationships and society in general. Who could have imagined that we would be in this state twelve months ago. Like many people I am trying to detach myself from this maelstrom of despair and enjoy simple things like drawing, reading, gardening, listening to Beethoven and meditation. Meditation takes practise, it's much easier for some people to do it successfully than others, its also easier during certain periods of one's life than others. I believe that it is a great advantage to be able to meditate and to practise regularly as it certainly reduces stress and anxiety, increases empathy, improves sleep, helps healing and makes you cognitively sharper. After years of on, off meditation I am attempting to revisit and am finding it very hard, I am blaming this on a collective conscious that is anything but calm but I will keep trying. 

I have also recently taken up fasting, this is my fourth Monday of only drinking water, eating no food, I do the same on Thursdays too. I know that this may not be suitable for everyone and some people find it nearly impossible to go a whole day without food however I have found the results amazing. Apart from burning unwanted fat (put on during the first lock down when we feasted like there was no tomorrow) the biggest, very noticeable difference is the amount of extra energy I have, what feels to me like sharper brain power (that may not be saying much!) and best of all anti inflammatory effects. I can see now why historically it has been widely practised around the world. Listening to a Rupert Sheldrake talk online he is also a fan of fasting, meditation, singing (everyone should sing as much as possible) and sports. Anything that brings us into the NOW.

On the work front we are getting ready for Christmas, I am expecting some extraordinary, delicious, organic Assam from India and am planning some seasonal Christmas blends such as Maple Walnut. It is also a simple, lovely and zen activity to make your tea in your own little pot. This is such a pleasure, once it becomes a favoured habit you would never go back to throwing a teabag in a mug. At times like these perhaps we should all be treating ourselves with care, focusing on calm and enjoying the simple pleasures in life.