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Buy and send this tea leaf reading gift set, it's more than just a greetings card and guaranteed to be lots of fun!!!

Posted by Alison Appleton on

Over the last ten years, as you would imagine we have held many tea related events such as tea tastings and on the odd occasion tea leaf reading sessions, also know as tasseography or tasseomancy. These started out as a bit of amusement but to our amazement we found the events hugely popular, very revealing and lots of fun. 

If you have not tried the historic art of divination or fortune telling through reading used tea leaves perhaps its time to give it a go? Our tea leaf reading gift set has been designed to be personalised, the label on the the padded silver envelope is appropriately addressed, inside we include a gift card with your message along with the guide to reading the leaves and the perfect loose leaf tea, once instructions have been followed anyone will find it easy to see shapes inside the cup. We have condensed information that could otherwise take hours of research on-line.

You will need a kettle, a pot or jug (our Rosie porcelain teapot is on sale at the moment, if you remove the integral filter it makes the ideal pot for tea leaf reading) and preferably a cup and saucer with a white or pale interior so you can easily see the shapes made by the leaves.

Its important to have an open mind and be nice and relaxed, don't worry about not finding any meaning, divination works on intuition, all those signs and feelings that surround us that out of politeness and habit we don't tune into, they will be visible in the cup. We have had the most extraordinary readings, we have seen new business', trips abroad, new jobs and of course lots of romance.

We all enjoy a little light diversion, if you have a friend who is in a fix, uncertain what to do or you just want to send a bit more than a card this little pack delivers at least a fun filled hour, it may even lead to something more!

A basic list of shapes and their meanings is included in the pack but if you find a shape and it's not there you can check the more extensive list below. 

Contact us through our contact page and let us know if you have any amazing readings.


Aircraft - Anything drifting in the air, a plane, a balloon etc. Take great caution if you are planning a new project, this symbol can signify failure.

Anchor - You need time out to find yourself or renew a long term relationship.

Angel - Romance is in the air, good news.

Apples - All is well, you are doing it right, long life and success.
Arch - Success!
Arrow - Focus on where you are going.

Axe - Time to chop it up and start afresh, have courage.
Bee - symbolises friends & friendship.
Bird - Be alert a small bird is a lucky sign, you might be travelling?

Boat - Something or someone is coming to you.
Boot - Take care if you plan to leave someone.

Bridge - The link you have been looking for is about to drop into place. A positive sign.
Butterfly - A fun, light hearted lover.

Candle - If its not yet all be will become clear to you.

Car - Money is on its way to you and it will happen fast.
Crab - Hidden depths, deep love, hard to get.
Castle - Family success, a dynasty. Prosperity.

Circles - Karma, its coming back to you.
Coat - Concealment, who is hiding what?

Compass - You will travel on a business trip, let's hope its in club or first class!
Clock - Time to make a decision.

Cow - You will have more than you need, you are or will be well catered for.

Cross - Trouble ahead, stay focused and be nimble.

Crown - Praise and respect is due.
Dancer - Happiness, love & adventure.
Dagger - Danger, watch out.

Dragon - You may face upheaval, this could be associated with a person in your life who is taking over your space.
Duck - Help is coming.

Egg - Birth of a person (baby) or a project.

Eagle - Back your hunch, make that investment.
Eye - Admit it, you know whats going on.
Elephant - Strength and honour, comfort.

Fish - Very auspicious sign.
Fox - Watch out for a sly person.
Feather - You have a guardian angel.

Gate - An opportunity to change your life. Do you want to start something new but lacked courage?
Goat - A vital, fertile, energetic presence. Let's hope they are on your side?

Greyhound - You work too hard, slow down.

Hammer - You have or are overcoming a challenge.

Hat - Success. The hat also symbolises a distinguished or stylish man.
Heron - A great show of strength.
Heart - True romance. Good things are coming.

Horseshoe - It might take more effort than you were expecting but you can have faith that it will be worth it.

Hourglass - Be alert, you need to keep your eye on something.

House - Security.
Insect - What’s niggling you?

Key - New start, new learning, new beginning.

Ladder - You are going up in the world!

Lines - Should not be read in isolation, incorporate in the whole picture reading.
Loop - You need to get a grip of a situation.
Mermaid - Is there a seductress about?
Moon - A cyclical occurance, new chances. Crescent moon signifies wealth.

Mountain - You may need to take to heart that things are never as good or as bad as they seem. Don't get worked up, get back to nature and relax.

Mushroom - Check out that lover, things may not be what they seem.
Necklace - Co-operation, strength in unity.
Owl - Wisdom and experience is close to you. They maybe trying to tell you to stay clear of something but you are not listening.

Pear - Terrific, glorious improvement in your social standing.
Pig - Homely, cuddly, clever and Creative. They will guard you jealously.

Pine Tree - Contentment, stability, cool, calm nature.
Peak - You are on the road to riches!
Quadrangle - Are you closed in?
Rabbit - Good fortune from a quiet source.

Rat - Very clever, maybe much smarter than you? Watch out!

Reptiles - You are way out of your comfort zone. Make the necessary changes to get back to where you should be.

Ring - Like circles, this is karma.
Rose - Life enhancing, passionate love.

Saw - You may have some upheaval.

Scales - Legal situation.

Shark - If you can figure out which action or event the shark is associated with don't do it.

Sheep - You are on to a winner, you will succeed.

Ship - Time out with friends, maybe a holiday together?

Snake - Signifies a clever person with panache, if they are close to you then they will help you, if not be aware.
Swan - Loyal, graceful, popular & stylish.
Shell - Follow your flawless, female intuition.

Star - You can see all sides of a situation, you have insight. This is a powerful tool, value it.

Swan - A long lasting love affair with someone stunning.
Table - Refuge, kinship, sharing & bountiful.
Train - Keep going, you are on the right track!
Tree - Believe whats in your heart will flourish. A good, strong sign.

Triangle - Do the lottery now.
Umbrella - Defend yourself from envy.

Unicorn - Oh dear someone has created some scandal. Enjoy it while you can.
Volcano - Dramatic but necessary change.
Whale - Emotionally clever leader.

Wheel - An inheritance
Wings - You will fly away from strife.

Worms - You are not on top of a situation, this is making you vulnerable and you know it. You need to take time out to check on what's happening so you feel more secure.
X - Time to stop trying too hard and move on.
Yacht - A totally hedonistic adventure.
Zebra - Ambition fulfilled.