Welcome, fellow tea lover.

All our luxury  teapots and tea cups are designed with passion and created for discerning drinkers of the finest loose-leaf tea. Our ultra-fine, stainless steel filter/strainer, supplied with every teapot, means you can look forward to the perfect cup of tea every time. All of our designs are crafted from superb materials, be it the De Hua porcelain of the Camellia teapot or the unusual black clay used in the Darcy and Emperor’s Bird collections.

Why not put the kettle on, get comfortable and take a look around our shop? Find that special gift for yourself or a loved one or learn how to make the perfect brew with our  Char-ista. If you have ever wondered how we go about designing our teapots or where your tea comes from this is the page for you. You’ll also find interviews with our favourite tea lovers, recipes for baking with tea and delicious tea cocktail ideas. Who knew you could do so much with the humble teapot?

Here at Alison Appleton’s British Ceramic Design Studio, we believe every day should include a tea ceremony. Life’s too short for ugly mugs and dusty teabags.


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